I’m the founder of Adman Promotion Company and is the web master and technical director for the company. He career started with training as an electronics technician in the U. S. Navy while stationed in the Philippine Islands at the time that the Tet offensive started the Viet Nam conflict. He later worked as a wave-guide technician for Bendix Field Engineering Corporation on the Apollo program in Bermuda. After that stint he became involved in sales of many different products from Kirby vacuum cleaners to insurance. In 1992 Bill learned about advertising when he was responsible for place ads for several companies involved in selling travel packages related to the timeshare industry. This led to his job working with Unique Travel Services where he managed an advertising budget in excess of $3 million dollars annually. His business ownership and management experience also includes work with T-shirts Etc.; a mail order publication called “Bill’s Bulletin”; and “Florida Home Journal” a real estate publication in Orlando. Read my blogs and information on my main site to get information about marketing your web site.

Don’t spend a lot of money directly on marketing until you have tracked the numbers and know what it takes to be profitable. My information is free and with a small amount of money you can get  the links you need to proceed.


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