How to Aim Your Website

Whatever you are selling, or whatever your service, if you want search engines to drive traffic your way you need to aim your pages. You do this with keywords. There is software and internet applications that you can use, however, no one knows your customers and your business better than you do. Think of what you would use, or your customers (ask them) would use to find your business (product or service).

A keyword is any word or phrase that best describes what you are aiming for. If your business is local in nature be sure to use city and state as part of your keyword phrase. Never use more than four keywords or keyword phrases for each page of your web site. If you want to target more keywords, make more pages. Make sure that your keywords are used in the links that go to that page, either from inside your web site, or from outside your web site.

Designing your website is the art of combining design and function by making the site unique and attractive while it is also easy to navigate (easy to use) by your clients or customers. After that is accomplished it is time to introduce optimization. Once you’ve decided which keywords you want to use they need to be sprinkled liberally throughout the page. In the title, the meta tag description, the meta tag keywords, At the top of the page in large print, in alt tags, within the content, and at the bottom of the page. You want to use the same keywords in onsite and outside links to that page. The same principal should be used on the home page AND any inside pages.

Keep in mind that you have a lot of competition for the first 3 pages of the search engines. Using this information gives you the best chance of showing up there.

Another important detail is the critical necessity for relevance. Links from outside the web site must be from pages that reflect the same type or category of web site content. For example if you have a link from a page that is labeled Miscellaneous Links and has travel, photography, medical all thrown together, it has very little value. Outside links are part of the optimization process. Without them your web site can be no more than an online business card.

Go here for more information and some revelant outside links:


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